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*Currently offering virtual lessons


$120 per hour 


​I incorporate a well-rounded approach, and hone into the essential elements of technique, rhythm, and musicality. My unique methods allow students to learn effectively, maximize progress, and increase enjoyment. We all have different styles of learning. I take a hands on approach and work collaboratively with students to address their individual needs and interests. My philosophy is to use positive reinforcement as a means of encouragement while ensuring students are consistently being challenged.



​Developing Human Potential through Music and the Arts. Scientific research shows a powerful connection between music and brain development. Music fosters self-expression, creativity and community involvement. It has the ability to touch people through the pure joy of creating and sharing music.



Music for hobbyists and for serious students. The Achievement Program, Carnegie Hall (optional). The Royal Conservatory has helped train great artists including Glenn Gould, Oscar Peterson, Sarah McLachlan, Angela Hewitt, Diana Krall.

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