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Marianne was brave to take me on as a student, because I studied piano for a couple years in high school and developed lots of bad habits!  She was so patient and kind to me.

- David M.


I have had the pleasure of receiving piano instruction from Marianne and hearing her perform as a soloist.  As an instructor Marianne is thoughtful, kind, and patient.  She is creative and flexible in her teaching approach, which has been key in my learning. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Marianne as a piano instructor for students of any age.  She loves what she does and it shows.

- Colleen M.


Marianne is fun, skilled, and a great teacher!  I highly recommend her!

- Azzia W.


Marianne is absolutely wonderful with my eight year old twins.  She is kind, reliable, responsible, and my children adore her.  Marianne is a professional-level pianist and a skilled and exceptional teacher.  She is energetic, enthusiastic and is able to keep my kids engaged.  I recommend Marianne without reservation!

- Frankie B.


Marianne is a great Piano teacher. She is paitient,encouraging enthusiastic and dedicated. I highly recommend her.

- Bambi Z. 


Marianne has made each lesson enjoyable and informative.   She has shared her love of classical music pieces with me as well as found simple jazz and blue pieces for me when she realized my interest extended into those genres as well.  Each lesson, Marianne sets goals for me to work towards for our next lesson so I am always improving. 

- Jen S. 


I was a student of Ms. Poon's piano and music theory lessons which were fantastic!!! Her approach to teaching is fun and simple without being insulting. I noticed a dramatic improvement in my guitar playing and overall understanding of playing music after just a few lessons.

- Julian G. 


Marianne is patient and encouraging. While always focused on the learning goals (and she listens, so the goals are your goals) she keeps lessons interesting by having variety, and also by always having a selection of new pieces to play, pieces that she knows you will enjoy musically, but which will also challenge you to keep improving. 

- Anita A.


Marianne is a serious professional who mostly works with older children and adults. But she also knows and understands the learning needs of very young pupils. She has shown great creativity and adaptability in her work with our five-year-old son. The results so far are impressive: he has acquired basic technique, is beginning to play with two hands (after a few months), and often goes to the piano on his own initiative!

- Nick M.


Under Marianne's tutelage, my children are playing music that is richer, more complex and more beautiful than the pieces they were learning with other teachers. In spite of years of music lessons, my kids were still not proficient in reading music. Marianne developed a great system for learning to sight read, which has been very beneficial. Marianne is a professional who works hard to ensure that her students learn and progress. 

- Nancy N. 


Marianne has done wonders to help the kids improve their skills. She's patient and very creative in her methods and they've learned new techniques and exposure to different types of music. She's also the best pianist (and instructor) they've ever had so are kept motivated each week. I've also appreciated how Marianne is flexible and adaptive to their different learning styles and offers a tailored approach.

- Kris S. 


Marianne made sure she found us both pieces that we would enjoy, and that would help us advance in playing. Both my brother and I agree that we have learned more from Marianne in our few months with her, then we had with any other teacher. Before I had her, I could only play my scales one octave, and ones that I could play two, it was a slow struggle. I can now play more then 2 octaves at a steady pace...just in the couple months I have had her as a teacher!  

- Claire S. 


Marianne is great with kids of all ages and works well with adults!  She is thorough and highly skilled and motivated.  She is the first referral I give when I have students I can't take due to scheduling issues.

- Marina G. 



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